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Kentler International Drawing Space, founded in 1990, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing contemporary drawings and works on paper by emerging and under-recognized national and international artists to the public, and to providing the opportunity to experiment, explore and expand the definition of art in society. Our programs include Exhibitions & Events, K.I.D.S. Art Education and The Kentler Flatfiles.


Kentler is located in the diverse neighborhood Red Hook, Brooklyn. Founded by artists Florence Neal and Scott Pfaffman, Kentler opened its doors in April 1990 and quickly became the focus of a burgeoning artists community in this historic, inspiring, and challenging area of New York City.

The gallery is located in a storefront space facing Van Brunt Street, a busy commercial avenue. The building was erected in 1877 by the Kentler family and housed a men’s haberdashery serving Brooklyn seaport business workers. Today the neighborhood is a lively mix of diverse families, small businesses, creative collectives, waterfront parks and churches. Although Red Hook is geographically isolated, the gallery is located steps away from the B61 bus, attracting neighbors and visitors who would otherwise have little opportunity to meet artists or see new works of art.

The Kentler Flatfiles, consisting of drawings and works on paper by over 290 artists, are housed in a showroom behind the gallery and are available for viewing by curators, collectors and the general public by appointment. Our new organizational website, which launched in February 2017, provides full online access to the Flatfiles collection, The Red Hook Archives as well as Kentler’s 30-year exhibition history.

Kentler hosts five rounds of exhibitions per year, including solo shows, guest-curated group shows, selections from the Flatfiles, and collaborative installations. Shows drawn from the international community have given many artists the opportunity to visit the United States and show their work to a New York audience. The gallery is open to the public: Thursday through Sunday from 12 – 5pm. Exhibition dates, hours and related events are updated on the Kentler website.


April  Earth Night, Group show
May  The Red Hook Story, Invitational Group Show
September  The Design Show, Invitational Group show
November  Fred Skellinger, Here and Now, Brooklyn artist

January  Exploit/Expose-Why War?  Group Show, Poetry and performances
March  Robert Sestok, Work on Paper, Detroit artist
April  Robert Grenier, Memorial, Brooklyn artist
May  Julius Valiunas, Oil & Water, Brooklyn artist
July  Brian Jost, Music/Art, Brooklyn artist, musician
August  Celebrate Labor, Invitational Group show
October  Bill Nogosek, Works on Paper, Brooklyn artist
November  Richard Mock, Recent Prints, Brooklyn artist
December  Peter Bellamy, The Artists Project, Portraits of the Real Art World / New York Artists, 1981-1990, Brooklyn artist

January  Mariella Bisson, First Day in the Forest, Brooklyn artist
March  Valentin Popov, Work on Paper, Russian artist living in Califormia
May  Jennifer Protas, Work on Paper, Brooklyn artist living in Holland
June  Sculptors Drawings Ten years of Outdoor Sculpture Proposals at the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park
July  Carrie Waldman, New Work from the Anza-Borrego Desert
September  Work, Invitational Group show
October  Ettl, Hahn, Katterbach & Zarm, German artists, Works on Paper
November  Sherry Hendrick, Watercolors, artist from Detroit
Poetry Reading, Celia Bland & Sharon Kraus

March  Bodoya & Cavazos Multiple Views, artists from Mexico & Argentina
May  Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC), Works on Paper
June  Karni Dorell,  Works, installation, Brooklyn artist
July  Richard Dennis, Runconada, Watercolors from Mexico
September  To Be How do you see yourself, as an artist, in American culture today? Invitational group show
October  Jan Theun Van Rees,  Branding, Recent Drawings, artist from Amsterdam
November  Douglas CampbellThe Illustrated Dream and Derangement
December  Friedemann Bender,  Hawaiian Work, German artist living in Hawaii

January  Michael Delia, Cantata, installation and music performance, NYC artist
February  Gone to Pieces: Collage Extremists, curated by Mariella Bisson
April  Bill Fick, Satirical Linocuts, artist from North Carolina
May  BWAC, PaperWorks
June  Teri Slotkin, Mixed Doubles, Photographs / photo session of people in pairs from Red Hook
July  Beth Caspar, Loca Sanctorum, Red Hook artist
August  Margaret Neill, Fixed in Time, Wall Drawings, Brooklyn artist
September  Dissonant Worlds, 6 artists, curated by Howard McCalebb
October  Cat Hnatov, Monoprints, Brooklyn artist
November  John Morton, New Work from Portugal, Red Hook artist
December  DNR Xerox Project An AIDS related collaborative installation, organized by Spiral Arts

February  Lillian Maurer, Installation, Brooklyn artist
March  Eileen Weizman, Paper Sculpture Installation, Brooklyn artist
April  Stuart Nicholson, 200 Object Lamps, Installation, Brooklyn artist
May  BWAC, Works on Paper – 64 artists
June  Three Printmakers, Bushra Chaudry, John D. Gall, Matt Myers, from New York and North Carolina
August  Richard Gins, Subway Riders, Line drawings done on the subway, 1985-95, Red Hook artist
Aug. 13  Teri Slotkin, Couples, Photo Session in the gallery of Red Hook community
September  AVOCET, The Avocet Portfolio, silkscreen editions, printed at Art Awareness in Lexington, NY
October  Jim Napierala, The Vision Thing (Redux), Drawing installation, NY artist
November  Jirí Kornatovsky, Large scale drawings and prints, Czech artist
December Installation

January  Jens Veneman Take It or Leave It, paper and mixed media installation, German artist living in NY
February  Bettina Magi, Silent Movies, Work on paper and a tableau installation, Red Hook artist
March  An Ngoc Pham, Procedure@life.begin…end\repeat.life<, Vietnamese artist living in Brooklyn
April  Pat Soderberg , Peripheries, work on paper, Detroit artist
May  Small Work: Big Vision, BWAC,Works on paper, 62 artists from the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
June  Dale Williams, Work on Paper, Brooklyn artist
July  Fran Kornfeld On the Border, A Drawing Installation, Brooklyn artist
August  Neddi Heller Paintings & Drawings, Brooklyn artist
September  Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles
October  Ellen Katterback & Brigitte Zarm, Works on Paper, German artists
November  On the Waterfront, Work on Paper, Curated by Jackie Lima
December  An Installation of Documentation, Day Without Art Installation, by Keith Hanson
Dec. 15: Poetry Reading: John Penn, Carol Wiersbecki, curated by Tsaurah Litzky

January  Gesture as Value Project by Jerelyn Hanrahan, artist living in Italy and Switzerland
Jan 14 – 27  The Big Picture, Prints & Drawings, Group show
Jan. 26: Poetry Reading by David Huberman, Lorraine Schein, coordinator: Tsaurah Litzky
February  Ursula Clark, Spirals: Sacred Energy, Brooklyn artist
Feb. 23:  Poetry Reading by Cynthia Andrews, Tina Olsen, coordinator: Tsaurah Litzky
March  John Morse, 3D22D23D, Installation, New York artist
April  David McKenzie, Naked Singularity, Works on Paper, Brooklyn Artist
May  BWAC Work on Paper, Group Show, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
June  Susan Schroeder, Meditations, paper and dyed fabric works
July  Kentler Archives
August  Harriet Zucker Unbidden Waters, photographs, Red Hook artist
Weekend:  Red Hook Photo Session: Mixed Doubles, photos of people in pairs by Teri Slotkin
September  Pi Backus installation, Dutch artist
October  Sunny Balzano Work on Paper, Red Hook Artist
November exhibition continues

January  Jackie Lima Work on Paper
Jan. 24 – Poetry Reading
February  Heimo Wallner, Uli Vonbank-Schedler, Martin Dickinger, artists from Austria, on site installations
Feb. 14 – Poetry Reading
March  Gertrude Moser Wagner installation, artist from Austria
May  BWAC group show, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
June Computer Art / past & present, Curated by John Buchanan, Red Hook filmmaker
July  Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles
August  Sunny Balzano Large Works on Paper, installation in Archive space
September  Mary Rosenthal, Mad Women, Block prints, artist from Ohio
October  Peter Levinson, Lantern, Paper installation, Brooklyn artist
November  Morgan O’Hara Drawings, New York artist living in Italy
December  Tone Johansen Installation, Red Hook artist

January  Home Away From Home An installation of project porposals for Red Hook Homes, Nine artists /Organized by Ildiko Repasi & Pablo Helguera
February  Monica Mazzoleni Bound Doors, Photo installation, artist from Italy
March  George Schroeder Collages artist from Ohio
April  Martin Zet Installation, Czech artist
May  BWAC Small Work on Paper, group show, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
June  Christel Kremser Couples, photography, German artist
July  Installation
August  William Moekler Drawing Red Hook, Brooklyn artist
September  Claudia Schmacke Installation, German artist
October  Harald Busch The Story So Far installation, German artist
November  Mariella Bisson Work on Paper, Brooklyn artist
December  Marek Chlanda Drawings, artist from Poland, in conjunction with The Museum of Modern Art in Niepolomice, Poland
RED HOOK READINGS : Poetry and Prose / Monthly Readings in 1999, organized by Paul van Linden Tol

January  Red Hook Eight, Paintings and drawings by Red Hook artists, organized by Sunny Balzano & Florence Neal
February  Hildegard Skowasch, Paper installation, German artist
March  Renate Hoffmann Korth, Drawing installation and performance, German artist
April  Red Hook Housing, organized by Bob James, Red Hook resident
May  BWAC, Small Works on Paper, artists from the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
June  Ideas You Believe Are Absurd Ultumately Lead To Success.  Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol, Dutch artists
August 27, 7pm  Tenderly to Light / Music by I. & V. Havel
September  Damian Aquiles Silvestre, Drawing installation, artist from Cuba
October   Joan Criswell, Imagine II, Brooklyn artist
October 7  Art Metabolism, Video presentation and discussion by Gertrude Moser-Wagner, artist from Austria
November  Jane South, Drawing installation, artist from England
December  Dusty, Curated by Theo Tegelaers,  Artists: Voebe de Gruyter, Cynthia Phillips, Juana Valdes

January  Daily Drawings,  Andrea Callard, Susan Crowe, Rosalinda Kolb, Margaret Neill
February  Paintings on Paper Group show of Nine Artists, Curated by Tone Johansen
March  Stefano Locatelli, Drawings and paintings, artist from Italy
April  Ernesto Pena, Juan Carlos, Double Fantasy Drawings and prints, artists from Cuba
May  BWAC, Small Works on Paper, artists from the Brooklyn Working Artists Coalition (BWAC)
June  Proximity Karni Dorell, Stuart Nicholson, Susan Powers, Gloria Williams
June 15   Second Hand Twilight, a music performance, petr nikl, jana hrabova, jaroslav koran, michael delia
July  Unseen New York 1 – Brooklyn Photographs, Mike Heffernan
September  Relief: Block prints,  Organized by Beth Caspar,  Artists: Beth Caspar, Richard Mock, Florence Neal, Bill Stahl
October  Marit Skjermo, Monoprints, artist from Norway
November  911 SHOW Artists Respond, Art made on or after 9/11/01, 87 artists
November 11, 4pm  READ HOOK: Reading in a Strong Light / Robert Kocik 
November 24, 4pm   READ HOOK: Reading in a Strong Light / Tom La Farge  
Nov 1 – Dec 27  Taking Notes Installation by Margaret Neill. Organized by the Kentler for the Lobby Gallery, Brooklyn Public Library
December  Ellen MacDonald Paper and drawing installation, Brooklyn artist

January  Ellen MacDonald, Paper installation, Brooklyn artist
Jan 1 – Feb 28  Screen Memories, Collaboration between writer, Wendy Walker and artist, Florence Neal. Organized by the Kentler for the Lobby Gallery, Brooklyn Public Library
February/March  4sight, Realism to Abstraction, Elizabeth O’Reilly, Hovey Brock, Margaret Neill, David Konigsberg, Brooklyn artists
March 1 – April 30  Brooklyn Elements A solo exhibition by Tone Johansen Organized by the Kentler for the Lobby Gallery, Brooklyn Public Library
March/ April  Phillip Chen, What We Are Named For, Relief etchings, artist from Iowa
May/ June  Small Works on Paper Group Show
July   BIG: Large Scale Drawings & Prints
September  Janell O’Rourke, Within/Without, Drawings and paper sculptures, Brooklyn artist
October  Aung Myint, Drawings, artist from Myanmar
November  Kazuhiro Nishijima, Drawings & performance artist from Nogoya, Japan
December  The PEACE Show, International Call to Artists, Writers and Musicians, Over 200 Artists participated.

January  Jared Handelsman Drawing with Light
Feb/March  Richard Herbert Howe, Drawings
March/April  Ursula Scherrer, Looking into the Dark, Photography / video installation.
May  100 Small Works on Paper / Benefit Show
May/June  Jane Ingram Allen, Site Maps, Red Hook, Brooklyn
Sept  Kostas Kiritsis Artist’s Books, Curated by Mercedes Vicente.
Oct /Nov  Dragan Ilic, Drawing / Devices
December  Beyond the Page: 3D & The Artist Book, Curated by Maddy Rosenberg. Ten artists. In conjunction with an exhibition at Brooklyn Public Library.

Jan/ Feb  Kenya Art, Curated by Judy Ogana & Carol Lees, Nairobi – In conjunction with 5 Brooklyn venues.
March/April  Mary Judge, Spolvero Drawings Installation.
May 20  100 Small Works on Paper /Benefit
May/June Katarina Wong, Drawing Installation
July  Nature Trails, Selections from The Kentler Flatfiles
Sept/Oct  Herbert Brün, Computer Graphics and Musical Scores, Sept. 17 & 18 / Symposium and Music performances in conjunction with exhibition.
Oct /Nov  Judith Egger, Accumulation, Drawing Installation
Nov/Dec  Toine Horvers, Passers-By, Drawings with Written Text
Dec/March 2005  Gyrations, Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles in our new exhibition venue, The New Space.

Jan/ Feb  Sasha Chavchavadze – Matchwork, Brooklyn artist.
Feb/March  Barry Ledoux, Fall into Language, Drawing Installation.
April  Project Diversity, a project of the Rush Foundation, 16 participating Brooklyn venues, 
13 Brooklyn Artists
May 19  130 Small Works on Paper /Benefit
May/June  Mimmo Roselli, Drawing Space, Artist from Italy
July  Flowers / Kwiaty, Guest Curator: Mariola Malinowska, 8 Artists
Sept/Oct  Derek Bernstein, Portraits of Amy, Over 300 Drawings
Nov/Dec  Elise Kaufman, On the Waterfront, New Drawings, Brooklyn Artist.
Sept – Dec  Figurations, Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, The New Space

Jan/ Feb  Ernst Benkert Drawings 1959 – 2004. Incollaboration with a show of Benkert’s Artists Books at Proteus Gowanus. Exhibition Catalog.
Feb/March  Gelah Penn, Detour , Drawing Installation.
April  Critical Mass Curated by Lisa Hatchadoorian, 
Drawings by Robert Gunder, Colin Keefe, Lucas Monaco.
April 7 – May 14  125 Works on Paper Benefit exhibition May 18: Benefit
May/June  Figure?Ground. Selections from The Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: Carter Foster, Drawings Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art
Sept/Oct  Monika Weiss, Limen II, Multi-media installation, drawing and performance.
Nov/Dec  Marietta Hoferer, Fieldwork, Drawings.

Feb 2 – March 17   Re:Generation / Works on Paper by 13 Emerging Women Artists
Curated by Joan Snyder and Molly Snyder-Fink. 
 In conjunction with an exhibition at Smack Mellon.
March 30 – May 6   Elaine Smollin, Drawing from Palisades
Drawing installation.
June 1 – July 22   Chance and Necessity: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles 
Guest curator: Isabelle Dervaux, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Drawings, The Morgan Library & Museum.
Sept. 7 – Oct. 6   Paul Santoleri Confluence,  
Drawing installation.
Oct. 12 – Nov. 10   Nina Buxenbaum  Topsy-Turvy
, Large scale charcoal drawings.
Nov. 16 – Dec. 15   Observing the Edge
 Guest Curator: Jennifer McGregor, Visual Arts Curator at Wave Hill.


February 8 – March 23  Native Voices: Contemporary Indigenous Art / Works on Paper  Curated by Deborah Everett and Raquel Chapa
. Partnering with FiveMyles and Long Island University_Brooklyn Campus to present this exhibition.
March 28 – May 4   Gosia Wlodarczak, Shared Space New York, Exhibited works are the outcome of numerous performance drawing situations with social interaction.
April 10 – 20  Red Hook Stories 
  Photographs by Janet Neuhauser (1982 – 1992)
Reading from the Red Hook Stories by Maureen McNeil
April 26 – May 11   100 Works on Paper Benefit exhibition of works donated by 160 Artists. Benefit Date: May 15.
May 24 – June 1   What’s the Hook? Preview exhibition of Harriet Zucker‘s Community Photo Project
June 6 – July 13   The Persistence of Line: Selections from The Kentler Flatfiles 
Guest Curator: Charlotta Kotik
September 5 – October 5  44 Artists from Argentina / works on paper 
Curated by Rafael Bueno and Arturo Carrera
October 4   OHNY Family Drawing Workshop and Architectural Tour of Red Hook with teaching architect: Ann deVere
October 10 – November 9   Hedya Klein, Still a Life 
Drawings, prints and graphite drawing animation
November 21 – December 21   Ernest ConcepcionThe Line Wars Deluxe, Drawing installation.

February 6 – March 22 Hugh Williams, Alabama Wire Drawings
February 7   Hugh Williams, Artist’s Talk
February 6 – March 22 Joel Sokolov, Big Island Drawings
February 7    Joel Sokolov, Artist’s Talk
April 17 – May 10  100 Works on Paper Benefit exhibition of works donated by 157 artists  / Benefit: May 14
May 1  Concert –  Irena and Vojtech Havolovi, Viola da Gamba/Cello with Michael DeLia and Kevin Nathaniel, mbiras and other homemade instruments
June 6 – July 12  Degrees of Density, Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: Marilyn Symmes, Director, Zimmerli Art Museum, 29 artists.
October 11  OHNY Event: Drawing Together, Family Drawing Workshop and Architectural Tour of Red Hook with teaching architect: Ann deVere
Sept. 11 – Oct. 25   Re-Inventing Silverpoint, An Ancient Technique for the 21st Century, Curators: Susan Schwalb and Margaret Mathews-Berenson
November 11   The Nerve of Drawing: Three Artists from the Kentler Flatfiles – Panel, Tribeca Performing Arts Center’s Dialogues in the Visual Arts. Moderator: Florence Neal
November 13 – Video/Sound Event  Dream Spaces, audiovisual live set, Alessandra Zucchi: video Antonio Della Marina: sound, Michael DeLia: live music
November 22 –  Brooklyn smARTGallery Hop
October 30 – December 20  What’s the Big Idea? Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles
December 12 – 20   KIDS Picks, Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Curated by BNS 5th Graders in Nancy / Antoinette and Laurie’s class

February 5 – March 28  Mary Ting, Excerpts from the Dysfunctional Forest, Front gallery
February 5 – March 28  Ilene Sunshine, out of line, Back gallery
April 9 – May 10  100 Works on Paper Benefit exhibition of works donated by 154 artists. Benefit Date: May 13
June 12 – July 18 War and Peace: Artists from the Kentler Flatfiles, Curated by Florence Neal, Essayist: Charlotta Kotik.
July 2 – August 15  Degrees of Density: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: Marilyn Symmes, The show of 55 drawings travels to the Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Arkansas and Columbus, GA
October 2 – December 12  Cuba My Revolution, Artists: Inverna Lockpez, Cuba Drawings, Dean Haspiel, Drawing, Graphic Novel

February 4 – March 27  Beverly Ress, Slippages and Openings Front gallery
February 4 – March 27  Arezoo Moseni, Changes Back gallery
April 15 – May 8  100 Works on Paper Benefit
May 21   Nene Humphrey, Circling the Center, Premier Video Performance in collaboration with Roberto C. Lange, Julie DeLano and Christopher Keohane
June 3–July 24  Marked Differences: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: Roberta Waddell
September 16 – October 23  Ellen Moffat and Lezli Rubin-Kunda, Marking Space
November 11 – December 11  The Kentler Flatfiles @21, curated by Florence Neal and Sallie Mize

February 3 – March 25  The Influential Females: Drawings Inspired by Women in History, Guest Curator: Randall Harris  
April – May   100 Works on Paper Benefit
June 8–July 22  Uncovered: Prints: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Curated by Sallie Mize
September 7 – October 21  To Be Young Gifted and Black in the Age of Obama, Guest Curator: Camille Ann Brewer.
November 9 – December 16  Tamiko Kawata, Beyond Lines, Beyond Surface, Front gallery
November 9 – December 16  Joan Grubin, Paper Optics, Back gallery

February15 – March 31  Selections from the Red Hook Archives, Back gallery
February15 – March 31  Nancy Manter, Water Prayers, Front gallery
April 12 – May 12  100 Works on Paper Benefit
June 13–July 21  Inside Out: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: Laura Phipps, Senior Curatorial Assistant, Whitney Museum of American Art
September 13 – October 27  Michael Kukla, Hex & Grid
September 13 – October 27  David Ambrose, Surface To Surface
September 29  Poetry Reading by Charles Bernstein, Elaine Equi and Geoffrey Young
November 8 – December 15  Sepideh Salehi and Kamran Taherimoghaddam, Trace: Drawings in Motion

February 8 – March 23  Circumstance: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curators: Holly Shen Chaves, Rachel Nackman
April – May   100 Works on Paper Benefit
June 6 – July 20   Large & Small: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Curated by Florence Neal and Sallie Mize
September 12 – October 26  Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, A Sense of Place, Back gallery
September 12 – October 26  Hedwig Brouckaert, A knot, a tangle a blemish in the eternal smoothness, Front gallery
November 7 – December 14   New York Mokuhanga, Curated by Florence Neal
December 19  Morio Agata, concert by Japanese singer songwriter, U.S. Premier

February 13 – March 29  Chris Gonyea, From Ashes, Front gallery
February 13 – March 29  Jaanika Peerna, Light Matter, Back gallery
April 3 – May 16  100 Works on Paper Benefit
April 9 – May 3  The Kentler Flatfiles: Red Hook Artists, The 90s, Curated by Florence Neal for Peninsula Art Space
June 13 – July 26  Stack/File: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: Ana Torok
September 12 – October 25  Margaret Cogswell & Ellen Driscoll, Soundings
November 13 – December 13  Kentler Celebrates 25: Advisory Board Selects, Curated by the Kentler Advisory Board

February 5 – March 27  K. Saito, WORDROACH, Front gallery
February 5 – March 27  Orlando Richards, In Bold Colors, Back gallery
April 29 – May 15  100 Works on Paper Benefit Exhibition
June 12 – July 24  Mapping Spaces: Carte Blanche, Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: Dita Amory, Acting Associate Curator in Charge of the Robert Lehman Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
September 9 – October 23  Golnar Adili, Language Landscape
November 6 – December 18 Keiko Hara, Topophilia Ma and Ki – Memory

January 15 – February 19  Kellie O’Dempsey & Jennifer Wroblewski, Resistance Movement
January 15 – February 19  Focus on the Flatfiles: Movement in Black & White, Front gallery
March 4 – April 9  Nancy Friedmemann-Sanchez: Cornucopia
March 4 – April 9  Focus on the Flatfiles: In Bloom
April 28 – May 14  100 Works on Paper Benefit
June 17 – July 30  Patterning: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: Samantha Friedman
September 8 – October 22  Lucile Bertrand, Travelers and Strangers
September 8 – October 22  Focus on the Flatfiles: A Point of View
November 10 – December 17  Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles: New Additions
November 11, 5-7pm  Wendy Walker, The Camperdown Elm, book launch
November 18, 4pm   KENTLER CONNECTS #1: Expanding Perception in a Global Culture / Moderator: robin holder / Artists: Tamiko Kawata, Jaanika Peerna

January 12 – February 25  Itty Neuhaus, Sublimation: An Iceberg’s Story
January 12 – February 25  Focus on the Flatfiles: Water Reflections
March 9 – April 29  Jarrod Beck, Temple
March 9 – April 29  Focus on the Flatfiles: Ritual, Curated by Jarrod Beck
May 12 –27  connect + collect: Kentler Flatfiles Fundraiser
May 27   KENTLER CONNECTS #2:  Collectors – how to be a voice in culture today, Moderator: robin holder / Panelists: Perian Carson, Wes Cochran
June 8 – July 15  Flat??? Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: William Stover
June 8 – July 15  Focus on the Flatfiles: Flat???  Guest Curator: William Stover
September 7–October 28  Nancy Bowen, For Each Ecstatic Instant
September 7–October 28  Focus on the Flatfiles: Echo Echo, Curated by Nancy Bowen
November 9 – December 16  Diogo Pimentao, Drawn Towards
November 9 – December 16  Focus on the Flatfiles: Inter(action), Curated by Diogo Pimentao

January 4 – February 10  Spotlight on the Flatfiles: Meridith McNeal, A Portrait of My Mother
January 4 – February 10  View Files Spotlight: Glendalys Medina
January 27, 4pm / Music Performance  Time and Truth  50 years of the music and art of Herbert Brün and Frederic Rzewski, interpreted by percussionist Allen Otte
March 1 – April 21, Alexander Gorlizki, Your Eyes, So Beautiful, Like Washing Machines (But Not As Big)
March 1 – April 21  Focus on the Flatfiles: Links
March 1 – April 21  View Files: Mokuhanga
May   100 Works on Paper Benefit
May 15, 4pm   KENTLER CONNECTS #3: Curiosity (what is that?), 
June 7 – April 21  Mildred Beltré, Science of the Word
June 7 – April 21  Focus on the Flatfiles: When the Morning Gathers the Rainbow. Curator: Mildred Beltré
September 13 – October 27  Hannah Israel, Imagined Language
September 13 – October 27  Focus on the Flatfiles: Igniting the Pendulum, Curated by Hannah Israel
November 9 – December 15  Portrait: The Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: David Houston
November 9 – December 15   View Files: The Essential Kentler Flatfiles, Guest Curator: David Houston
December 7, 4pm  TALK:  A Conversation with David Houston and Florence Neal

January 12– February 9  robin holder, Access & Inequities: I Hear You. Do You See Me?
January 12– February 9  Focus on the Flatfiles: HOME?, Curated by robin holder
Feb. 1, 4pm  KENTLER CONNECTS #4: Where is Home?
February 21 – March 29   Sa’dia Rehman, The Cost of Entry
February 21 – March 29    Focus on the Flatfiles:  See the Unseen, Curated by Sa’dia Rehman
June 13 – July 19  Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles: In Reflection
April 11 – 26  100 Works on Paper Virtual Benefit Exhibition
November 7 – December 12   30 / 30 Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles: 30 Years/ 30 Artists

January 22 – March 20   Music as Image and Metaphor, Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles at the Bo Bartlett Center, Columbus, Georgia
February 5 – March 20   Variations in Black and White
February 5 – March 20   VIEWFILES: Music as Image and Metaphor
March 20  – April 24    Joanne Howard, Skid Marks
March 20  – April 24    Focus on the Flatfiles: alternative solutions
June 12 – July 25  Richard Mock: The Cutting Edge
June 12 – July 25  VIEW FILES: Richard Mock
April 24 – August 22   Music as Image and Metaphor, Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles at the George Ohr Museum, Biloxi, MS
October 2 – 19   100 Works on Paper Benefit Exhibition
November 6  – December 12   Robert Aitchison State of Emergency: Portraits from the Pandemic
November 6  – December 12   View Files: Portraits from the Pandemic
November 6  – December 12   Focus on the Flatfiles:  Portraits