Red Hook Archives

The Red Hook Archives is a collection of maps, photographs and printed materials documenting Red Hook’s rich history and diverse population. Modeled after The Brooklyn Collection at Brooklyn Public Library and the Brooklyn Historical Society, the collection is open to the public by appointment, has been featured in exhibitions, and serves as a continuously evolving resource for the community’s past, present and future.

The Red Hook Archives is a community-sourced project and we invite past and present Red Hook residents and business to be a part of its development. To contribute materials, please contact the gallery to arrange an appointment. Original photographs will be archived in the files or scanned and returned to the owner with the digital image becoming part of the Red Hook Archives. Kentler makes final selections regarding the materials submitted for inclusion in this collection.

Please contact for inquiries or possible submissions.

EXHIBITIONS from The Red Hook Archives

Curator: Maureen McNeil
Kentler International Drawing Space, April 15 – May 28, 2023

THE RED HOOK ARCHIVES  on exhibit at Clocktower Radio, Pioneer Works, February, 2016

SELECTIONS FROM THE RED HOOK ARCHIVES    February 15 – March 31, 2013

RED HOOK STORIES by Maureen McNeil with photographs by Janet Neuhauser, April 10 – 20, 2008

COMMUNITY PORTRAITS, “Mixed Doubles” by Teri Slotkin
Exhibition at Brooklyn Public Library, October 4 – November 28, 2004

SITE MAPS: RED HOOK by Jane Ingram Allen
May 24 – June 30, 2003

Photographs of Red Hook, Open Call to the Red Hook Community
The start of the Red Hook Archives, May 1990

LINKS: Red Hook Archives

Kentler, a coincidence and Hurricane Katrina. A story by Helen Rubinstein

Teri Slotkin’s MIXED DOUBLES  (The Red Hook Series)

351, 353 & 353 Van Brunt Street (1940)   Right: Kentler (2008) with a 1929 DeSoto
Helen Sterdiniak Magier in front of Magier’s Department Store, 353 Van Brunt Street (Kentler), circa late 1950’s or 1960
329 Van Brunt Street (dates unknown)
“Jack and Walter outside Jimmy’s Market” Photo by Janet Neuhauser, 388 Van Brunt Street (1983 )
“Mixed Doubles: Red Hook,” Portraits of People in Pairs, by Teri Slotkin (1994 – 1998)
“Sunny’s Truck” by Carol Dragon, 2009
Aerial view of Red Hook, Governors Island and New York City (1960s)
Florence Neal, “Red Hook Islands: 1770 / 2012″ mokuhanga (water-based woodcut), 14 1/8″ x 10 7/8”, 2013/2022
“Hurricane Sandy, Red Hook’s Storm Surge,” Cartographer Jim McMahon, Red Hook Resident, 22″ x 20″
Jane Ingram Allen, “Red Hook Site Map I,” 2003, Collage and painting on handmade paper with materials collected from the streets of Red Hook, 74″ X 60″.


THE RED HOOK STORY_reprinted by Kentler (click link to open)