Bedoya / Cavazos, Multiple Views

Block Prints & Monoprints
March 1 – April 16, 1993
Opening Reception
March 1, 1993

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Bedoya / Cavazos, Multiple Views
Alfredo Benavidez Bedoya

Bedoya / Cavazos, Multiple Views
Alberto Cavazos

Bedoya / Cavazos, Multiple Views
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About the exhibition

Alfredo Benavidez Bedoya, from Argentina and Alberto Cavazos, from Mexico exhibit prints and monoprints in "Multiple Views."

Bedoya's woodcuts show virtuosity in the tradition of woodblock printing as well as surreal juxtapositions of social and political content.  Insects, animals and contorted figures claim the vivid pictorial space and refer to the woes and concerns of earthly existence.  He used combinations of the fantastic with the incongruous objects to joft the viewer into contemplation of his message.

Cavazos is represented by monprints and linonleum block prints created and printed at Everglade Press, in the studio of Florence Neal, during a visit to the Kentler.  He works with the figure and animal forms to present composisitions of visual language that seem to allude to sexual references and rejuvenation of lifes.  As in the work of Picasso, Cavazos uses the femails form in ways that involve the viewer's observation of the many interprestions of the figure, thereby calling their own response into focus.