Time and Truth: 50 Years of Music for Percussion

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Allen Otte performing "The Fall of the Empire" by Frederic Rzewski

Allen Otte performing "On Stilts Among Ducks" by Herbert Brün

Allen Otte performing "Time and Truth"

Allen Otte performing "Touch and Go" by Herbert Brün, January 27, 2019

Allen Otte, Percussion, performing "Touch and Go" at Kentler International Drawing Space as part of "The Graphics, Music, and Writings of Herbert Brün," Concert: September 17, 2004

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Sunday, January 27, 4pm
TIME AND TRUTH 50 years of the music and art of Herbert Brün and Frederic Rzewski,
interpreted by percussionist Allen Otte

Five works for mixed percussion, marimba, and electronics, performed in the intimate surroundings of the gallery exhibition.

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Three excerpts from The Fall of the Empire, by Frederic Rzewski  (2007)

                               dedicated to Allen Otte  

Global Warming

Letter from Reading Gaol


On Stilts Among Ducks, by Herbert Brün (1997)

                               realization for solo marimba, Allen Otte


Time and Truth, for percussion solo (2018)

                              for Herbert Brün on his centenary

          Time, text and music by Allen Otte
          Truth, text by Richard Howe; music by John Lane


Infraudibles by Herbert Brün  (electronics, 1968; percussion trio, 1984)

                              realization for percussion solo, 2017, Allen Otte

Touch and Gocomputer graphic by Herbert Brün (1967)

                                realization by Allen Otte  (1995/2011)



. . . a rare opportunity to hear one of the master percussionists of our time interpret two of the most important composers you may never have heard of:

Composer Herbert Brün (1918-2000) was a pioneer in the application of computer technology to the generation of both music and images.  Kentler International Drawing Space currently holds the largest collection of his trailblazing computer-generated graphics on the East Coast.


Virtuoso pianist and composer Frederic Rzewski (b. 1938) ranks with the legendary David Tudor as one of the most creative voices for his instrument in the last three generations. 


Percussionist and composer Allen Otte (b. 1950) was a cofounder of the Blackearth Percussion Group and Percussion Group/Cincinnati and currently tours as a soloist.  He worked closely with both Brün and Rzewski for decades as one of the most sensitive interpreters of their work. In 2017 he was inducted into The International Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame.