Artist's Talk: Richard Howe

March 8, 2003 at 2:00 pm
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Richard Howe, Drawings

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Artist's Talk: Richard Howe
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     Richard Howe is an artist living and working in New York City. Originally trained as a musician, Mr. Howe studied the French Horn with Philip Farkas of the Chicago Symphony and with Neil Sanders of the Philharmonia in London; he subsequently studied composition with Herbert Brün and Wolf Rosenberg at the University of Illinois. While at Illinois, Mr. Howe worked for John Cage on restoration of many of Cage's early scores and assisted in the production of the score for Cage's epic HPSCHD for seven harpsichords and electronics. Never formally a student in the visual arts, Mr. Howe has nevertheless enjoyed stimulating and critical friendships with a number of visual artists, among them Larry Goldsmith, John Hultberg, and Geoffrey Rogers.
     Since working with Cage, Mr. Howe has pursued the interaction of random processes with minimal structures (hence his attraction to transparent watercolor). Since the mid-1990's, his principal concern has been to create subtly unstable images, not for the sake of an "Op Art" effect per se but rather to express the ephemeral—not to say (or not only to say) tragic—relationship between seeing and what is seen.
     For many years devoted mainly in transparent watercolor, Mr. Howe's work in this medium has been shown at Nardin Fine Arts in Cross River, New York (1991) and at Vincent Gabrielli (1996) and Parsons/Lehmann (1997) in Manhattan. Since 1998, he has worked extensively in pastels and has also turned to acrylics and oils. Most recently, he has undertaken a large series of monoprints as well as a series of graphite and colored pencil drawings.
     Mr. Howe worked in the computer industry for over twenty years in technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial capacities. In recent years, he has worked primarily as a computer industry expert in the antitrust, most notably perhaps in the recent proceedings against Microsoft.

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