Artist's Talk with Sascha Mallon

About the event

Saturday, May 18, 4pm
Join us for an Artist's Talk with Sascha Mallon, who will be discussing her solo exhibition, Wolf Tales. Open free to the public!

Artist's Statement:

I see my work as three-dimensional drawings in motion. The wall is my paper. Wolf Tales is a site specific installation experimenting with Drawing on Ceramics and Wall and with Crochet.

The overall story is about a girl making friends with a wolf. The fragmented narratives are metaphors of how our own perception forms our reality, how memory and personal view influences us, how we can change the direction of our energy and how we meet the world and each other.

My primary medium in the past was drawing, but a few years ago I started shaping objects out of clay in an attempt to make images that are more real and adaptable. I love the flexibility of working with individual ceramic components that can be arranged in different ways, connected and interwoven with wall painting and yarn. The individual pieces, 2” to 21” in size, are fired and glazed porcelain. Now I am going back to my roots of drawing and try to combine it with my new found flexibility. I started using underglaze pencils to draw on my ceramics and I love to paint and draw on the wall to connect the individual components. I am inspired by my thoughts and memories as well as the world around me. I work very intuitively and spontaneously, creating site specific dreamlike worlds using fairytale-like imagery and metaphors.