Ice Event with Itty Neuhaus

February 18, 2018

event Images

Dress Rehearsal for Ice Event

Icylla, iceberg heroine sculpture and video, An Iceberg's Story

Movement on OLD ICE: Sarah Takash, BFA candidate in both visual art and dance at Fordham University with fellow Alvin Ailey dance students: Samara Steele, Lauryn Masciana.

Tim Spelios on percussion with ice.

Detail of OLD ICE video by Carleen Sheehan, with Audrey Fenter. An animation video of glacial scans taken by Sheehan off the coast of Svalbard, Norway.

About the event

Ice Event with Itty Neuhaus and Guests
Sunday, February 18, 4pm

Join us for a series of performances within the exhibition Sublimation: An Iceberg's Story

Through sound and movement, the senses will be engaged in all the qualities of ice, surrounded by Icylla’s Story. Serving as the backdrop of this dynamic event, Neuhaus’ installation consists of a panoramic drawing, small iceberg replica, and a video fable telling the future-shock story of a glacier that is coming undone from the perspective of the last surviving iceberg. The video uses time-lapse footage shot on location in Iceland and Greenland, combined with stop motion animation shot in an upstate NY frog-pond.


Ice as a percussion instrument: Tim Spelios, artist and musician, currently showing at Studio 10 in Watermelon Punch.

Old Ice: projection of micro melting ice: photographed as part of the Arctic Circle residency by Carleen Sheehan, artist and educator, Fordham University. 

Video editing on Old IceAudrey FenterEamon Redpath
Movement on Old IceSarah Takash, BFA candidate in both visual art and dance at Fordham University with fellow Alvin Ailey dance students: Samara Steele, Lauryn Masciana.
Ice Carving: Chava E. Neuhaus, boat-builder and wood-working teacher at South Albany High School, Oregon.

A short reception with toasty drinks will follow the event. All activities are free and open to the public.