Youth Programs

K.I.D.S. Art Education’s After-School and Special Needs Residency and School Programs serve over 1,000 K-8 students in partnership with local schools and nonprofit organizations.


After-School Programs are continuous ten-week courses offered to K-5 and middle school aged youth in partnership with local schools and nonprofit organizations. These programs offer a range of instruction based on themes related to Kentler’s current exhibitions as well as the social and academic goals of our students and partners. Programs are held off-site at partner locations with regular trips to the gallery, where students observe, discuss and creatively respond to the artworks on view. At the end of ten weeks, students are invited to share their portfolios at a final exhibition and awards ceremony attended by friends, family, Kentler staff, and our partners.

Current and recent partners include:

Extreme Kids & Crew

Good Shepherds Services

PAVE Academy Charter School

Red Hook Initiative


Special Needs Residency Programs are year-long partnerships offered to ACES and contained classrooms for K-5 students with cognitive disabilities. Our Teaching Artists work closely with collaborating special education teachers to develop art-making activities that support students’ specialized curricula.  Activities take place in the classroom with at least on field trip to the gallery per season.

Current and recent partners include:

P.S. 15, The Patrick F. Daly School


School Programs (currently suspended) are 2-part, 90-minute programs serving K-5 students from Red Hook public schools. Each participating class receives one gallery visit and one follow-up visit by a Teaching Artist in the classroom. In the gallery, students interact with and respond to the exhibitions on view. Our Teaching Artists use inquiry-based discussion and input from partner educators to connect artwork themes to relevant curriculum topics and learning objectives. Students participate in two workshops in the gallery: one observational drawing exercise and one exploratory, multi-media activity. At the classroom visit, students combine and transform their earlier drawings into finished artworks, which are installed in the school hallway for all to enjoy!

School Programs (when in session) are open to all local K-5 classrooms, including ACES and ICT inclusion classes. To express your interest in participating in future programming, contact Programs Manager Sallie Mize at

Current and recent partners include:

P.S. 15, The Patrick F. Daly School

P.S. 146, The Brooklyn New School

PAVE Academy Charter School