Nina Buxenbaum, Topsy-Turvy

October 12 – November 19, 2007
Opening Reception
October 12, 2007
Nina Buxenbaum
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Nina Buxembaum, Artist's Talk

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Nina Buxenbaum, Topsy-Turvy
Installation view 1

Nina Buxenbaum, Topsy-Turvy
Installation view 2

Nina Buxenbaum, Topsy-Turvy
Nina Buxenbaum, Zoe / Amber

Nina Buxenbaum, Topsy-Turvy
Nina Buxenbaum, Under Her Dress

Nina Buxenbaum, Topsy-Turvy
Visitors to Topsy-Turvy

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About the exhibition

Kentler International Drawing Space is delighted to present Nina Buxenbaum’s solo exhibition of drawings entitled: Topsy-Turvy. Buxenbaum is a born and raised New Yorker who comes from a multiethnic upbringing and background. Her work reflects a quest and an understanding of an identity that is complex and at the same time, somewhat indefinable. In this exhibition, Buxenbaum presents nine large-scale charcoal drawings as a series of vignettes that represent different women or archetypes of women who are embracing, fighting, complimenting or antagonizing a counterpart in a realistic style of drawing suggesting a play on “topsy-turvy dolls” or “playing cards” that can be read from different points of reference. A brochure with an essay by William Taylor-Suderman accompanies the exhibition.

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