Mary Judge, Spolvero Drawings

March 12 – April 24, 2004
Opening Reception
March 12, 2004
Mary Judge

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Mary Judge, Spolvero Drawings
Mary Judge, Spolvero wall drawing, powdered pigment, 10 x 10'

Mary Judge, Spolvero Drawings
Spolvero wall drawing detail, powdered pigment

Mary Judge, Spolvero Drawings
Mary Judge_Spolvero wall drawings, powdered pigment

Mary Judge, Spolvero Drawings
Mary Judge, Spolvero wall drawing, powdered pigment, 12' x 8'

About the exhibition

New York Artist Mary Judge will present a drawing installation at the Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook, Brooklyn NY, opening on March 12th. She will transform the gallery into a "total drawn environment" working directly on the walls.

The artist will present a work in a technique for which she is well known; that of the "spolvero" or cartoon. Spolvero, meaning dust in Italian, was a technique used by artists of the Renaissance to transfer drawings to panel and wall for fresco painting. In Judge's use of the technique she folds a piece of paper and makes a line drawing which is perforated. This stencil is then opened, placed in contact with the support and pounced with powdered pigment. The resulting image records various random aspects of the pouncing process and reveals her interest in repetition and restrictive underlying structures.

Her works are at once reductive and complex, organic and geometric, diagrammatic and mysterious. Motifs Judge uses range from her trademark concentric shapes to loopey twisted forms that respectively evoke tree rings or exercises for penmanship. Support materials have varied from wall to paper, brick and concrete block as well as wood and canvas and she often creates site specific works.

She has shown at The Drawing Center, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and many galleries in NY and internationally. Her work is included in the collections of The British Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Fogg Museum among others.

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