Small Works on Paper

May 10 – June 23, 2002
Opening Reception
May 10, 2017

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Small Works on Paper
Small Works exhibition view.

Small Works on Paper
South wall.

Small Works on Paper
Small Works alcove installation.

Small Works on Paper
Small Works, east wall

Small Works on Paper
Small Works on Paper

Small Works on Paper
Small Works, west wall.

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Small Works on Paper

About the exhibition

Small Works on Paper
Group exhibition of works on paper by 138 artists.

May 10 – June 23 2002

Raina Accardi "27 Knolls Road" Pigment & ink on paper
Audrey Frank Anastasi "Lonely" Mixed on Currency
Robert Axelrod "Still Life" Watercolor
Gerard Barbot "EYENI" Collage
Thomas Birer No Title Pencil on paper
Mariella Bisson "Saunderskill with Fallen Log" Watercolor & gouache on paper
Valerie Bogdan Untitled Acrylic, charcoal, graphite on paper
Enid Braun "Bombscare / Atlantic Avenue Station" Paster over gouche on paper
Olinka Broadfoot "Moody Blues" Pen & ink on paper
Carol Bruns "Fictions #1" gouache, ink on paper
Ken Buhler Untitled Gouche & colored pencil on Rives
Nan Carey "Hot Pepper I" Watercolor
Beth Caspar Untitled Graphite on paper
Eduardo Cervantes Untitled Pencil on newspaper
Leona Christie "The Helium Wars #3" Ink & gouache on paper
Ellen Chuse "Heavenly Bodies #21" Acrylic on paper
Anna Paola Civardi Untitled / Black & Red Series Digital print
Ursula Clark "Bluebird" Chenille stems & paper
Diane A. Conlon "HeartÓ"Ink on Rag paper
Joan Criswell Untitled Mixed media
Drew Curtis Untitled Oil on cardboard
Carrie DiLorenzo "Self-Portrait" Graphite
Mary Donovan "The Year of the Horse" Ink & acrylic on paper
Stephanie Damoff "Curb Your GodÓ"B/W photo w/Holga Camera 120mm
Mike Donovan "Winter Scene" Ink on scratchboard
Karni Dorell "Park Column 2" Digital print
Wayne Fields "9-11" Ink
Gail Flanery "Judas Tree #3" Mono-print
Paul Farinacci "Confessional" Mixed media on paper
Laurel Farrin "Sweet Affection"
Rebecca Forster "Telephone cards & Hopscotch in Medieval Bologna" Pencil, Graphite powder & dry pigment on paper Bradley Fox "Musings" Collage, oil on paper in book
Daniel Genova "Fall Forward, Spring Back" Mixed media
Karen Gibbons "Growth" Pencial drawing
Jessie Nebraska Gifford Untitled Electronic Painting
Richard Gins "Title Unnecessary" Acrylic on paper
Robin M. Glassman "Dark Angel" Watercolor
Janet Goldner "From the 55th Floor, 1993; 2002" Inkjet print
Norma E. Goodman "Blue Wave" Tempera on paper
Bert Gossen Untitled Mixed media
Anjali Grant Untitled Gouache on paper
Marc Greene "An Ill Wind Blows" Carbon penci on paper
Mary Hambleton "Genesis" Shellac, charcoal
Jared Hundelsman Untitled Photo collage
Erica Harris "Girl with Bird in Hand" Drypoint
Barbara Hatfield Untitled Oil & w/c on paper
Jim Hayes "Insect" Ink on paper
Neddi Heller "Heading in the General Direction" Watercolor
Damian Henriques "Study for James Blond" Pencil on vellum
Scott Henstrand "Ossified Remnant of AO" Pencil
Jonathan Herbert "Jefferson Market Garden 3:30pm" Conte pencil
Rene Hinds "The Fiddler" Mixed media on paper
Shannon Holman "Isaiah (All Flesh is Grass)" Drypoint
Jan Hoogenboom "The Song" Watercolor
Richard Howe Untitled Watercolor & pencil on paper
Dragan Ilic Untitled Pencils on wood Antoinetter Indge Untitled Paper, card, wax thread
Julian Jackson "Mood" Sumi ink
John Jerard "911 #5 Minotaur" Recycled paper, glue, resin Joe Justus ÒK.C.Ó Scratchboard
Leon Nicholas Kalas ÒStill Life with PepperÓ Charcoal on paper
Mary Pat Kane "Do Not Enter" Color photo
Dionisios Kavvadias "The Good Shepherd" Pencil & ink
Susumu Kawabe "Through the Slit" Contepencil
Elanit Kayne "Him" Watercolor, embroidery, thread, wood
Hugh Kearney "Hive"
Susan Knight "Italian Poem VI" Acrylic, pen & collage
Kathy Koller "Strength CXV" Mixed media
David Konigsberg "Take Off" Oil on paper
Elaine Komorowski "Meditation Blues" Colored pencial & pastel
Fran Kornfeld "Remembrance III" Wax crayon on paper
J.S. Kramer "Radio Cairo" Conte, pastel, ink on paper
Nelson C Ku "Icon" Oil on paper
Arthur Kvarnstrom "Yellow Building, Red Hook" Oil on paper
David Lantow "Architectural Tooth" Graphite on paper
Catherine LaSota "March 21, 2002", Mixed media on paper
P.M. Laura "No Title Needed" Emulsion Transfer
Theodore (Ted) Lawton "Elderly Nigerian Woman" Hand painted photo
Lizzy LeBlanc Untitled Smoke (One is a series of 5)
Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer "Waveform #452" Graphite on paper
Dennis Leri "Gridlock" Paper, acrylic paint
Roberta Louise "Hillary and Bill. We Love Them Still" Photograph
Armando Londono No Title Laser print on Japanese paper
Nancy Lunsford "Where I Come From" collage
Rene Lynch "Butterfly Boy" Aquatint on Arches
David Mackenzie Untitled Bettina Magi "Evil Doers" Pencil & paper
Dave Mandl Untitled (Marine Park) Photograph
Marsha Mayer Untitled Graphite on paper
Dique Miller Untitled Mixed media
Travis Molkerbur Untitled Pen & collage
John Morton "Snuggle" Mortograph
John Morse "Coney Island, Parachutte JumpÓ"Collage
Don Muchow "Behind the Eye, Pompeii" Photograph
Doug Mulaire "Dried Fish", Azo contact print
Portia Munson Untitled (Menstrual print w/Text) Paper, Blood, pencil
Florence Neal "Sting of the Iris" Linoleum block print
Margaret Neill "Worker" Collage & drawing
Laua Newman "Living Room" Mixed media
Bill Nogosek "Practice Piece" Mixed media
Morgan O'Hara "Live Transmission of Peter Kotik conducting the SEM Ensemble in performace of Earl Brown" Graphite on paper
Elizabeth O'Reilly "Union Street" Oil on paper
Laurel Shute "Sculpture for Fortress" Photograph
Bridget Parris "Balancing Act", Etching
Antonia Perez "Strings Attached" Paper, thread, paper fasteners, acrylic
Barbara Jean Phillips-Duke "Lady in a Blue Dress" Watercolor
Shannon Rae Untitled Collage & acrylic on paper
John Rae "Violet Tires" Pencil on paper
Alyce Santoro "The Virgin" Xerox, embossing powder, rubber stamp, magic marker
Robert Sestok Untitled Graphite on paper
Viviane Silvera "Marilyn" Pencil on paper
Sarah Schmerler "Look Down, Look Up, Look Out" Paper, photographs, ink
Shanon Stepman Untitled
Edie Stone "My China", Photographs
Kevin Sutton "Flower" Gouache on paper
Susan Taylor Untitled Oil on paper
Peter Teraberry "Little Juan" Oil on paper
Nick Terry Untitled Oil on sandpaper
Regina McFadden "Cuban Interior" Monoprint
Jill Peltzman "Laguna Niguel Tidal Pool #2" Hand-clored silver gelatin print
Lisa Tarkett Reed "Memorial Day" Oil on gessoed paper
Rodney Sapini "Nourishment" Pastels
Lynn Saville "Dancer on Jersey St." Photograph
Teri Slotkin "Eye See You" Black & white photograph
Kevin Sutton "Flower" Gouache on paper
Ginna Triplett "Bubble Joy" Fiashe on paper
Thomas Vinton Untitled Wax & pencil on paper
Rosemary Warner "Breasts/Hands" Toned silverprint on board
Tom Warren "4-17,18-02 Journal" Text on paper
Nancy Weiss "Birds" Block print-oil ink on paper
Douglas Wirls "Bird Obscure" Watercolor
Dariene Wolfe "Look to the Sign Post" Mixed media
Mia Wolff "Mirror in Venice" Waterpencils, pen on paper
David Wolin Untitled Mixed media
Takeshi Yamada "Journal of the Artist Series #04092000" Color pencil on paper
Elizabeth Yamin "Triangular" Gouache on paper
Amy Yang "Deep in the Sea" Ink on paper
Sally Yap Untitled Gel ink and pen on paper