Marit Skjermo, Imaginary Landscapes

October 5 – 28, 2001
Marit Skjermo

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Marit Skjermo, Imaginary Landscapes

Marit Skjermo, Imaginary Landscapes

About the exhibition

Imaginary Landscapes

Solo exhibition / Artist from Norway

October 5 - 28, 2001

Expressionistic Monotypes

The pictures are not specific landscapes; says Marit, they are more indications of it.  And the audience is invited to look at the perspectives that are being indicated. they can use their own imagination to create their personal relations with the picture.

"I find room and movements interesting. I try to get different layers, and different perspectives to work together, but also interact with each other. I combine many different techniques in the hole printing process, painting on Plexiglass, drawing, cutting and adding objects in the press. The materials I use are the various objects and forms that I find lying around." —Marit Skjermo

Marit Skjermo's work can be found in important collections in Norway and foreign countries and she has received grants and awards from several committees.  She was awarded two study-residencies in Barcelona, Spain (1994-95) and also a residency in Malmo, Sweden (1996). The Kentler show is her first solo exhibition in New York.