4 Printmakers / 4 Approaches 
September 2001
Opening Reception
September 7, 2001
Curated By
Beth Caspar
Beth Caspar, Richard Mock, Florence Neal, Bill Stahl

exhibition Images
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Beth Caspar "What Goes Around Comes Around," 2001, 36 linoleum block prints, 16 x 16" each.

Richard Mock, "Gentrification Slug"

Florence Neal, "Cycles," 2001, linoleum block print scrolls, installation: 78" x 22”

Bill Stahl, "Towers of Silence," Cemetery Groves," "3 Twilights," woodcuts

About the exhibition

RELIEF: 4 Printmakers / 4 Approaches 

Beth Caspar
Richard Mock
Florence Neal
Bill Stahl

September 7 - 30, 2001
Reception: Friday, Sept. 7, 6-9pm

This group exhibition of block prints is organized by Beth Caspar.

Anything is possible when 4 Red Hook artists use an age-old technique-the relief print-to express their diverse visual points of view.

Beth Caspar, Richard Mock, Florence Neal and Bill Stahl present new work at the Kentler International Drawing Space. All four artists live and work in Red Hook, Brooklyn and most often use the linocut and/or woodcut to create their prints.

The work in this show retains the traditional characteristics of relief printmaking, but takes it beyond the familiar perception of how the medium can be used.  The visual hints of view range from social-political satire (Mock) and surrealistic (Stahl) to serial installations dealing with mutation, transformation and cycles of change (Caspar and Neal).