Harriet Zucker, Unbidden Waters

Salton Sea, California
August 3 – 30, 1997

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Harriet Zucker, Unbidden Waters
Harriet Zucker with Unbidden Waters

About the exhibition

Harriet Zucker,  Unbidden Waters
Solo exhibition

The Salton Sea is the result of an irrigation project gone terribly wrong. Until the early 1900's the Salton Sea was an ancient dried out lake. Due to a poorly managed irrigation project, the entire flow of the Colorado River filled it from 1905 - 1907.

Various attempts were made--and abandoned--to turn the area into a resort similar to Palm Springs. The lake is stagnant, polluted. The water does not sustain life, fish and birds are dying. Evidence of construction attempts lie around.

It is at times beautiful and always tranquil. But it is the result of human error.

—Harriet Zucker