Jim Napierala, The Vision Thing (Redux)

October 1995
Jim Napierala

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Jim Napierala, The Vision Thing (Redux)
Installation with artist and son

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Jim Napierala
The Vision Thing (Redux)

Solo exhibition and drawing installation

October 6 - 31, 1995

Artist's Statement

My work is predicated on accepted Modernist strategies.  By subverting these conventions I propose new perceptual and emotional schemata.  In these works, the intuitive gesture (dripped enamel) is objectified by geometric structure (pattern). Geometry orders gesture into recognizable patterns, while disrupting its spatial complexity. Conversely, by respecting the moment when gesture escapes your control, it becomes a distinct entity, independent of structure and logic. Gesture and structure both undermine and abet one another in order to create a unified optic whole. It is at this precipice, between thinking and doing, that the work functions.  

–Jim Napierala
New York City, 1995