The Avocet Portfolio 1995

Directed by Andrea Callard at ART AWARENESS, Lexington NY 1985 - 1991

September 8 – 30, 1995
Opening Reception
September 8, 1995
Curated By
Andrea Callard
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The Avocet Portfolio 1995

The Avocet Portfolio 1995
Opening Reception

The Avocet Portfolio 1995
Screen prints by Richard Mock and Tomie Arai

The Avocet Portfolio 1995
Screen prints (right to left): Florence Neal, Andrea Callard, Betti-Sue Hertz and Becy Howland.

About the exhibition

On view and in the Kentler Flatfiles: A selection of silkscreen editions printed at Art Awareness in Lexington, New York.

The Avocet Portfolio was initiated in 1985 to make space for the collaborative process of artists, produce vivid fine art screen prints in small editions, and to further the development of non-toxic printmaking.

Jolie Stahl and I invited a few of our favorite artists from the infamous NYC group COLAB/ Collaborative Projects, Inc. and the wider art community. It was a volatile mix in a beautiful landscape. We combined private and public support to build a historically interesting production model for group work.

In the interim, portfolio artists have made more multiples, led fascinating lives, acquired international fame, received prestigious awards, and made contributions in leadership and cultural activism.

Andrea Callard

The Avocet Portfolio:
Tomie Arai
Noah Bean
Lisa Bateman
Andrea Callard
Susan Crowe
Jane Dickson
Connrad Gleber
Betti-Sue Hertz
Carter Hodgkin
Rebecca Howland
Miriam Jacobs
Darra Keaton
Sarah Greer Kleeman
Whitfield Lovell
Ann Messner
Richard Mock
Peter Nadin
Gail Nathan
Florence Neal
Kingsley Parker
Cara Perlman
Rachel Romero
Christy Rupp
Rand Russell
Clarissa Sligh
Kim Shane
Kiki Smith
Jolie Stahl
Richard Tobias
Frances Valesco