Joanne Howard, Artist's Talk - May 2, 4pm

May 2, 2021
Joanne Howard
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Joanne Howard, Skid Marks

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Joanne Howard, Artist's Talk - May 2, 4pm
Joanne Howard with Skid Marks

Joanne Howard, Artist's Talk - May 2, 4pm
"Skid Marks," thread on antique linen, 24" x 18" each

Joanne Howard, Artist's Talk - May 2, 4pm
Opening on April 10

About the event

An Artist's Talk with Joanne Howard
She will be discussing her solo exhibition, Skid Marks

Sunday, May, 2, 4:00pm
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Whether made intentionally or accidentally, skid marks on highways, donuts in parking lots and tire tread impressions in snow all contain a strange, unanticipated beauty. With their swerving and curving lines, ranging from rhythmically loopy to recklessly aggressive, I see these marks as large scale, unexpected drawings.

Like foot prints and animal tracks, tire treads tell stories of movements through space. I have been captivated by these ubiquitous prints for their beauty, muscle, and by contrast, their intricate and varied detail. By removing the skid mark from its familiar context and reexamining it through the absurdly meticulous act of stitching, the decorative nature of the patterns can be reconsidered.

Joanne Howard
August 29, 2019