Artist's Talk with Alexander Gorlizki

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Artist's Talk with Alexander Gorlizki
Tongue Lashing, wood and pigment, 5.5” x 5” x 3.5”, 2019

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Artist's Talk with Alexander Gorlizki
Saturday, April 6, 4pm

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Kentler International Drawing Space is pleased to present Your Eyes, So Beautiful, Like Washing Machines (But Not As Big), an exhibition of works on paper and drawing related objects by Brooklyn-based artist Alexander Gorlizki.


Gorlizki's work combines elements of Indian miniature painting, devotional images, antique book illustration and geometric diagrams. His exquisitely rendered compositions show strange characters engaged in humorous, dreamlike tableaus. Some are rooted in ancient sources while others spring directly from the artist's imagination, blurring the lines between appropriation and authenticity.


Gorlizki works alongside master miniature painter Riyaz Uddin and other Indian artists and craftsmen to produce highly ornate, detailed drawings that confound and delight viewers. His playful reconsideration of traditional sources illuminates the duality of fine art as both a serious formal pursuit and means to "dream and think." The exhibition features site-specific wall installations, new works on paper, 3D objects and animated drawings produced with filmmaker and musician Richard Coldman.


A brochure with an essay by Julie Baumgardner accompanies the exhibition.