SHINE NYC ART: Red Hook Connect Tour

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SHINE NYC ART:  Red Hook Connect Tour, Saturday, May 26, 2-4pm.
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Join veteran Red Hook Arts tour guide, Mary-Beth Shine, for a unique walking tour of Red Hook, past and present and changing. The tour will culminate in a visit to Kentler International Drawing Space with a curated viewing of works from the Kentler Flatfiles by artists who live/have lived and worked in Red Hook. Mary-Beth will show Teri Slotkin's "Mixed Doubles" Red Hook portrait series from 1994 - 1998. Artists Beth Caspar and Scott Pfaffman will be on hand to talk about their works from the flatfiles, their connection to Red Hook and about works by other artists and friends such as the late painter, printmaker, and editorial cartoonist Richard Mock, whose linocut illustrations appeared in the Op-Ed page of the New York Times from 1980-1996.

Contact: Mary-Beth Shine: marybeth@shinenycart.com

The Red Hook Connect tour is one of a series of events in conjunction with Kentler International Drawing Space's connect + collect events in the month of May, focusing on works from the Kentler Flatfiles.