Kentler Connects: Expanding Perception in a Global Culture

November 18, 2017

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Kentler Connects: Expanding Perception in a Global Culture

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Session #1
KENTLER CONNECTS: Expanding Perception in a Global Culture
Moderator: Robin Holder
Artists: Tamiko Kawata, Jaanika Peerna

Saturday, November 18, 4pm

Event video: https://vimeo.com/259254395

Kentler Connects, initiated by Robin Holder, is a series of panel discussions, workshops and presentations held at Kentler addressing sensitive, challenging, difficult and creative issues related to art, society and culture. The goals of these discussions are to foster and develop a more active and diverse creative community, offer a platform to share perspectives, and talk about vital current issues in the context of contemporary art.

Some dialogues will revolve around a few invited panelists or one speaker. Some will be informative presentations or workshops geared towards artists (i.e. how to form an LLC, create an estate plan or build an internet presence). Some will be moderated group discussions.

To invigorate and expand our perceptions, we invite all those interested in attending to also bring a partner who:
- Is from another generation
- Has a different native language
- Is of a different racial or ethnic ancestry
- Works in a different profession
- Lives in a different environment
- Is anchored in a different socioeconomic world

All talks will be held onsite at Kentler in conjunction with our exhibitions. 

Kentler Connects is an event series initiated by Artist Advisory Board member Robin Holder. Robin Holder’s work focuses on issues of identity and culture. She has been featured in one person exhibitions at the Mobile Museum of Art, The Spelman College Museum and The David Driskell, the American Labor Museum and The NCCU Art Museum. Holder was awarded an Individual Visual Artist Grant by The Brooklyn Arts Council. Her work is included in significant collections including the Library of Congress, Yale University, United Parcel Service, The Washington State Arts Commission, and The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. www.robinholder.work