connect + collect: "My Kentler Collection" Portrait Series

event Images

Red Hook Collectors: the Kate Arrington - Michael Shannon family. Photograph by Arina Voronova

Red Hook Collector Katie Dixon, photograph by Arina Voronova

Margaret Amos, Columbus, Georgia. 15 years of support and collecting!

David Lassen, Brooklyn NY

Red Hook Collector Rafael Bueno, photograph by Arina Voronova

About the event

My Kentler Collection!
Portraits, selfies and photos of artwork highlighting collectors and the collections they've obtained from Kentler International Drawing SpaceThe art of collecting!

Red Hook Collectors Series
Portraits by Arina Voronova
(Photoshoots underway)

#myKentlerCollection Social Media Campaign
Join the campaign! Post a picture of yourself and your Kentler collection on social media! Please include the hashtags #myKentlerCollection and #connectcollect, and tag @kentlerdrawing in your Instagram post. Tag Kentler International Drawing Space on Facebook. We will repost selected photos.

Social media campaign ongoing through the months of April & May!
Thank you for supporting the arts and culture!