What's the Hook?

May 24 - June 1, 2008
Opening Reception
May 24, 2008
Curated By
Harriet Zucker
Maddy Lederman, Deborah Romano, Thom O'Connor, Debra P. Hershkowitz, Jie Siang Yong, Teri Slotkin, Carolina Salguero, Alex Richmond, Julie Staub, Sonja Shield, Mary Prlain, Linda LaBella, Patrick Bennett, Kathleen Bennett, Tara Striano, P.W. Sones, Isaura Horenstein, E.M. Farmer, Courtney Weinstein, Andy Vernon-Jones, Philip Greenberg, Denise Carbonell, Anne Samachson, David N. Lewis, Reg Flowers, Jennifer Liseo, Bettina Magi, Amy Eckstein, Mike Olshan, David Grossman, Nancy Sadler, Jason Adams, T. Marquez, Jade Doskow, Florence Neal, George Stainback, Karni Dorell, Sarah Baley, Tracy Collins, Jeri Makovec, Tom Callan, Stephen Barth, Albert Barnes, Patrick Scully, Cynthia Medina, Red Hook Youth Photography Project, Ralphie, Jessica Wegener, Charlotte Ehrhardt, Brad Barkett, Brian Hughes, Harriet Zucker, Chris Curran, Mike Hefferman, Sam Horine, Lara Wechsler, Ed Satterwhite, PS #27 Summer Camp, David Biello, Sabrina Palazzolla

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About the exhibition

The first of six summer exhibitions of photos taken of the Red Hook community by the Red Hook community. What's the Hook? is a community-based photography project designed to document a single week in the life of Red Hook, Brooklyn, one of New York City's most unique and rapidly changing neighborhoods. Last summer, What's the Hook? asked people of all backgrounds to submit images captured during the week of August 12th - August 19th, 2007. Kids at PS #27, their neighbors at the Senior Center and many local residents were given single-use cameras. Other people just used their own cameras. In seven ordinary days more than 120 people produced 1000 extraordinary photos of what Red Hook means to them. Images of all kinds, from all kinds of people. From the vendors at the ball fields to the crew of the Crown Princess at the Container Port. Old-timers and newcomers, professionals and amateurs, dog-walkers and drivers, shopkeepers, chefs, artists, vets -- even the UPS guy. What’s the Hook? was created in part to bring the community together to help RECORD, REMEMBER and REDEFINE the changing face of Red Hook.